I’ve worked with investors from Metro Detroit, from the coasts and even from overseas, helping them acquire cash-flowing rentals and great flip houses at very attractive prices.

I have been finding great deals in Metro Detroit since 2006. As a professional real estate investor myself, we know what an actual deal looks like. I’ve done flips, built luxury new construction homes, owned rentals and partnered with other investors on their projects. I’ve also been an entrepreneur for two decades, using my finance and real estate Wharton MBA as a foundation.

When I offer a deal to you I’ll give you my best true assessment of its potential. While you should always run your own comps and do your own rehab estimate, I do a thorough analysis of comps and rehab expenses to produce a wholesale deal that will allow you to be successful.

When you buy a property from Michigan Wholesale Deals you’ll be moving one step closer to achieving your real estate investment goals.

I co-host the Metro Detroit Real Estate Investors Group’s monthly meetups, and run the Facebook group to help local investors with their real estate investing in Metro Detroit. I’m always interested in knowing what you’re doing and how I can help. I also would appreciate your feedback on what else I can do for you.

Want to share your own experience with us?  Send us a note to let us know what working with Michigan Wholesale Deals has been like for you.

“I needed to sell my rental in Waterford and Tom agreed to buy it and close before the end of the month. He did what he said he would, and even stuck around after closing until I was sure the wire had hit my bank. I didn’t have to do anything to the house, and it gave me and my family a lot of peace of mind.”

~ Ted C. – Chicago, IL